Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Ok so I went out and bought the book Monday night. I finished it last night. I tell you that is why I like books CD. I can function & read at the same time. Today I'm catching up on personal, household, wifely, and motherly duties. Anyway, the book was great. It wasn't all happy, gushy romance with action thrown in like the first. This one had more friendship and dealing/not dealing with what life throws at you. I cried for probably 1/6th of the book. I knew it ended up happy in the end because there are 2 other books, but I am such a cry baby. I just felt awful what Bella was going through. I didn't really like how Jacob was treated in the end too. Poor guy.

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Jessica G. said...

Of the four books in this series, this one is my least favorite - with Breaking Dawn coming in a close second. Still...I did like the stories about the werewolves.