Monday, May 23, 2011

Photo Opp of My Boys!

So Mom was bored & the kids humored me by letting me take photos of course they wouldn't both have smiles on in the same photo...

Happy 4th Birthday Josh

Josh Celebrated his 4th Birthday this year. When asked how old he was, he said 100.
Here he is opening his gifts...he got clothes, a puzzle, bubbles & a soccer ball.

We went to Chuck-e-Cheeses to celebrate & ride the rides.
I talked to Josh about making a turtle cake a month before his birthday and he really wanted it for his birthday. I thought he forgot about it so I got lazy & thought I could just get by with frosting & sprinkles on cupcakes. The first thing he says when he woke up on his Birthday was..."Where's my turtle cake"... So off to the store I went to get green food coloring and I was able to make his turtle cake and bring it into his preschool class during snack time. He really liked it and all the kids thought they were cool.

The Wonderful World of James in Video

So Here is a video of my dear took me a while to get it loaded. I only could get one to work. If I get the other ones to work, I will add them...(this has been sitting since May and now it is almost August)

1. Was going to capture him eating his first baby Cheetos but he had problems & kept dropping them so it wasn't very camera worthy until I guess he got bored and started doing this... (May 10,2011)

2. I wanted to capture my happy boy. He only cries over wanting milk, tiredness, now teething & if he gets stuck while rolling around. Most of the time he is very friendly & happy. Mom can usually get him to laugh (dad gets jealous of the smiles I get.). (May 16, 2011)
3. Pic-a-Boo is his favorite game. Although I get scared that he will play it when I'm not around li
So I must have thought I recorded this, but I never did. One clip it looked like I was going to but then Josh got in trouble and so the recorder got turned off. Oh, well to late now.

4. He started laughing at himself in the mirror (May 11, 2011)