Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

So I'm working again. Thursday I went out to Lawrence for my drug screen & signed all the forms that I need. I am now an employee of EMR, Inc after working with/for them through other companies for 4.5 years. It was fun to see everyone again. There are a couple of people who are no longer there that I miss, but it was still good see everyone else. Beverly seems to be enjoying my old office since it is in the "accounting wing" and everyone was happy to see me back. I now have most everything I need to process the payroll this coming week. It will be a little rocky this first go around. I have my computer..laptop which I requested so if I come into the office I can use my own computer...but they didn't have a mouse for it & the touch pad is driving me insane and they still need to finish setting up my microsoft applications & give me a log in for the accounting program. Other than that I can pick up where I left off, but I can do it from the comfy chair of my own home. Just for the icing on the cake. After this payroll....I get to do the quarterly reports!!! Yea! That will actually be good so that I can get it back to how I like it organized. Anyway I am pumped. I hope it doesn't add extra stress to our lives. I hope it gives me the extra flare and drive that I seem to be lacking lately.

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