Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer

Ok so I went out and bought the book Monday night. I finished it last night. I tell you that is why I like books CD. I can function & read at the same time. Today I'm catching up on personal, household, wifely, and motherly duties. Anyway, the book was great. It wasn't all happy, gushy romance with action thrown in like the first. This one had more friendship and dealing/not dealing with what life throws at you. I cried for probably 1/6th of the book. I knew it ended up happy in the end because there are 2 other books, but I am such a cry baby. I just felt awful what Bella was going through. I didn't really like how Jacob was treated in the end too. Poor guy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Missing Bling I will admit it now. My wedding ring was lost for about a week. I realized 2 Sundays ago after I gave Josh a bath that I wanted to put it back on. I swear I took it off that morning when I took a shower, but when I went to retrieve it, it wasn't there. I checked all the places I usually put it if I'm taking a shower, putting on lotion or cooking, but could not find it. I swear I put in on the bathroom sink so being the kind husband he is, Jason checked the pipes under the sink for me but discovered nothing. I decided today that looking in the places I thought it would be 10 times was not working so I decided to give the house a good clean. With a prayer in my heart, I started the laundry and then went to the first room I was going to tackle...the living room. While Josh sat content eating breakfast & watching his show, I picked up all the toys & vacuumed. Then I started the nit picky cleaning...organizing his toy buckets and vacuuming up the crumbs in the couch. It was the couch monster's fault my ring was missing. There it was wedged in the crack between the side of the couch and the arm rail. It was only exposed after I took off all the cushions. What a relief. Don't ask me how or when it got there. Yes, Jessica I too believe in gnomes. So does this mean I don't have to clean the rest of the house now since I found the ring?

I have this urge to go buy the book New Moon so I can read it. The waiting list at the library is about a month. I read the 1st chapter of it online and now I want more. Bella just got a paper cut..yummy blood for vampires and Edward is trying to hold off some of the vampires in his family that are not as practiced restraining themselves. Although if they did get her Bella would be happy as long as they didn't suck enough blood to kill her...she wants to become a vampire so she can live happily ever after with Edward. Edward on the other hand doesn't want her to become the monster that he is...I want more vampires!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Twilight By Stephenie Meyer

So I gulped down Twilight this weekend. Mmmm...good romance book with some action. I love Bella & Edward's sarcastic love relationship. The push/pull of those type of relationships is what keeps me interested in romance novels. I'm also a bit of a sci-fi girl so the whole vampire thing draws me in too. I'm now on the waiting list for the other books/books on CD. I like to listen to them. I give the book 5 out of 5. It made my heart flutter and I want Bella & Edwards relationship to work out. I was told it was better than Harry Potter, but I think the 2 series are apples and oranges.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wonder Women

So today was a very awesome day. It all began the same as it usually does...arise at 8am, get ready for the day, pick up Josh from the crib and breakfast. We played for awhile and we watched a little of price is right. Josh enjoys that show. I think it is all the clapping. Half way into the show, I peer outside and look at our very long, lushes grass. It needs to be mowed. Jason is stressed and I know he doesn't have time so I decided to do it. Josh didn't like it at first and cried while sitting on his bike for half of the back yard. Then he discovered the sprinkler that looks like a tractor and had fun spinning it. In the front yard I had to remove him from getting into the street twice. He enjoyed crawling through the lawn and has grass stains to prove it. After that we had lunch, bath, and he took a nap. I then called into work and was able to talk to IT and get my computer working. So I am now set up at home. I still need to get some things from the office but I now can check email & log into the accounting program. Then I worked out a time with our builder to come check out a leak from one of our windows...Our house loves water. Then I cooked dinner. Jason got home and I was able to go to YW where we talked about Journal keeping and we shared some experiences with each other. I need to do better with my journal keeping for sure. It kind of stopped since we moved. Anyway, the title wonder women was chosen for this entry because, I just feel very fulfilled today. I feel like I could conquer anything that comes my way.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josh Picture Updates

So I realized my Blog was not very colorful so I thought I should post some pictures to spice it up because I have not done that in a long time....most are from our SD trip.

Josh in the forest in South Dakota. He was so quiet that he didn't scare the dear :)

Josh really embraced crawling during the SD summer trip as his main source of transportation, leaving rolling in the dust. We believe he even dreamed about it.

The he wouldn't look at John taking the picture, he wouldn't look at the great monument carved out of stone behind him,and he didn't even look at dad. Josh Loves his Mom

The guys & their kids...well almost. Stewart is adopting one from Quentin.

I will end with one of my favorites taken by Amber Johanson...Josh is 9mo in this picture.

First Day on The Job

Well today is my first official day of work and I really can't work. My computer (company computer) won't talk to the network properly. The IT guy thinks it is something to do with the wireless router because they have had problems with that in the past and considering Jason hooked it up without the router & it worked I believe he is right. The only problem is I can't work from where it manually plugs in...that's why we have wireless. I guess we have to change the IP address somehow. Our FHE last night was Jason drawing a picture & explaining how IP addresses work and how it is like a telephone number and each of the computers are like extentions. Jason still didn't understand what exactly had to be changed so hopefully the email the IT guy sent back will help him tonight so I can access what I need. In the meantime Ginger will still be doing payroll for this time around since I'm not up to speed yet. So this morning I went to the library and tried to go shopping for a baby shower gift...Josh wasn't in the mood so I bought nothing and I still have to go back to get something. I just can't pick out something cute when he is screaming. We also looked at halloween costumes...I was thinking a pumpkin but I don't know. None of the costumes jumped out as cute! Buy me! So in summary I accomplished nothing today besides driving around and emailing people.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

So I'm working again. Thursday I went out to Lawrence for my drug screen & signed all the forms that I need. I am now an employee of EMR, Inc after working with/for them through other companies for 4.5 years. It was fun to see everyone again. There are a couple of people who are no longer there that I miss, but it was still good see everyone else. Beverly seems to be enjoying my old office since it is in the "accounting wing" and everyone was happy to see me back. I now have most everything I need to process the payroll this coming week. It will be a little rocky this first go around. I have my computer..laptop which I requested so if I come into the office I can use my own computer...but they didn't have a mouse for it & the touch pad is driving me insane and they still need to finish setting up my microsoft applications & give me a log in for the accounting program. Other than that I can pick up where I left off, but I can do it from the comfy chair of my own home. Just for the icing on the cake. After this payroll....I get to do the quarterly reports!!! Yea! That will actually be good so that I can get it back to how I like it organized. Anyway I am pumped. I hope it doesn't add extra stress to our lives. I hope it gives me the extra flare and drive that I seem to be lacking lately.