Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Josh Points of interest

  • Josh went through mom's diaper bag, had fun with desitine, came upstairs to ask me to open some candy he found in my bag. He got in trouble and I kept asking him do we go through mom's bag? He kept answering yes. I then realized I was asking him the wrong question and he was just telling the truth...yes we went through mom's I changed my question into 2...Did you go through mom's bag? YES. Are you suppose to go through mom's bag? NO. What a smart kid.
  • Loves Elmo now. He is starting to drag the elmo doll around
  • Lives off of CoCo Milk, Gogurt, white cheese (string cheese), and bread (he won't eat PB&J, he just wants the bread)
  • Helps himself to things in the fridge, but has to open the freezer first in order to open the fridge.
  • Everytime he sees the pilsbury dough boy he makes the hehe sound.
  • Loves to bake with mom
  • Sees a public bathroom and grabs his diaper and says ew, pee popo in toliet. Sometimes he pees but most of the time he just wants to sit on it and flush.
  • Prayer time- closes his eyes and says mama where are you?
  • Prayer time- Daddy saying prayer, Josh starts playing with daddy's head, I tell Josh to fold his arms, he tells me to close my eyes.
  • Plays world of warcraft...asks to play by saying more ooze (one of the things in the game). He has his own character. He is pretty good now at turning his guy around once he runs into a wall.
  • Computer Genius: knows when the mouse is turned off & will flip it over & turn it on. Can exit programs by moving the mouse and clicking on the X in the corner
  • Loves to take Orange baths
  • Still pushes people if they are in his playing space. The other day, he tried pushing a bigger kid...didn't work so much.
  • Goes to Jazzercise with mom and has to have his dance time afterwards. I have now trained him to dance one song and then we leave without a tantrum.