Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Josh Picture Updates

So I realized my Blog was not very colorful so I thought I should post some pictures to spice it up because I have not done that in a long time....most are from our SD trip.

Josh in the forest in South Dakota. He was so quiet that he didn't scare the dear :)

Josh really embraced crawling during the SD summer trip as his main source of transportation, leaving rolling in the dust. We believe he even dreamed about it.

The Family...no he wouldn't look at John taking the picture, he wouldn't look at the great monument carved out of stone behind him,and he didn't even look at dad. Josh Loves his Mom

The guys & their kids...well almost. Stewart is adopting one from Quentin.

I will end with one of my favorites taken by Amber Johanson...Josh is 9mo in this picture.

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