Sunday, March 13, 2011


So Jason & I have never been very good on a budget. It seems like we talk about and then I feel like I'm the only one striving to be frugal as I order a water and the chicken when we go out and he gets a coke and a steak and other things like that...I then get frustrated he gets frustrated and its not happy times. Our try at budgeting this time is looking bright. We are using It will email you weekly on how you are doing with the budget or if you go over it lets you know. For Jason that is really good since I'm the one that does finances and he can't see it all the time. We are also taking a look at all our bills-phone, internet, and insurance & making sure we are getting good deals. Our goal is to save a little each month-right that's the whole point of budgeting. It is pretty tight budget with not a lot of extra, but most of our "extra" money comes at the end of the year with his bonus. I'm excited, hopefully we can get better at living by a budget. I'm having a pretty hard time with food prices rising, Jason on a diet, diapers & formula and the list goes on. I thought this would be easy for me and hard for him. I think it might be harder on me :)