Friday, December 19, 2008

The Joys of Josh

I thought it would be fun to remember all the cute things Josh has done & is doing....

  • He named his stuffed animal dog Aaawww. Every time he saw the dog he would say aaawww and bite (kiss) the dogs nose.
  • For the longest time he would just roll everywhere. That can be quite amusing.
  • He has extra senses & could instantly zero in on the fact that we didn't have the child proofing on under the TV and he would roll/crawl/run (still hasn't grown out of it) as quickly as possible to open & close the cupboard.
  • He used to know when to do his mouth during the song head, shoulders, knees & toes. I'm sad that he doesn't do this anymore.
  • While eating he always puts a long piece in his mouth the hard way...vertical.
  • If you ask him to wave, he brings his arm up half way & drops's the funniest wave.
  • Recent Story: Dad was in the kid bathroom taking care of business & I was trying to get Josh ready for bed. Josh is a daddy's boy when dad comes home. I get Josh undressed to the point where he needs to step out of his pants when he escapes & runs down the hall to the bathroom where dad is. So then Josh bangs on the door with his pants at his ankles & starts pulling off his diaper. I about died laughing. I'm not sure if this is yes I want to be potty trained or I want a bath.
  • He loves to be chased around the house or he will chase you
  • He likes to bonk heads with people.
  • He definitely takes after dad when it comes to the computer...he loves the computer. Oh and the best thing about the Iphone...the bubbles (a game where you touch the screen & bubbles appear & you can pop them). I think it is funny that Josh stops what he is doing when an Iphone commercial comes on & watches it...Jason does the same thing.
  • He used to take things out of the trash to tell you what he wanted to eat. Granola bar wrappers or apple chips bag. Now he is just into throwing everything away. I have to go through the trash to make sure we are not throwing away toys.
  • He likes to push chairs around the house...GM&GP Guernsey's house is the best. Those chairs have wheels.
  • Binki games are always fun. He is such a tease with offering you the binki and then taking it back. Sometimes I put it in my mouth & he takes it away from me. I will "cry" like a baby and then he will stick it back in. Then he laughs and he will take it away again, I cry, & he will give it back until he decides that he is done sharing.
  • He plays the I don't want to get out of bed game. He will stand up & want me to pick him up. I will go try and he will sit down & snuggle up to his blankey. I will pretend to walk away and he will stand back up. We do this 4-5 times before he is done playing the game.
  • If you tell him to swim in the bath tub, he will lean back and do the back float in the tub. I think he likes it when his ears go under water. I never fill it up very high for that reason & because he is a splasher. (the shower curtain in a splash guard)

Some fun things we are working on is Santa says Ho Ho Ho & Doggie says Ruff Ruff. He usually just repeats the sounds after I do it. He will also sing you the first 6 notes of his bedtime song sometimes if you ask him. He does the wheels on the bus in his own language, but he wipes his eyes for the babys on the buss and makes the shhh sound for the mommys on the bus. I think he is at the verge of exploding with words...maybe I should let him know that would be a great Christmas gift for mommy.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stuck in the Daily Poo

WARNING: lots of complaining ahead.....I feel sluggish and tired and stuck in the daily rut. I don't know what it is or how to get out of it. Yesterday was a full day of work & Josh. Most of work I got done the night before, but there was an extra thing they asked me to do...I did...then they didn't want it done...already submitted to the's kind of hard to undo after that even though I tried. I feel bad, although I shouldn't...they really should make up their minds...anyway that was hard to balance because it was after nap time...thank you Wall-E(Josh really liked the 1st 40 min of that show) and Ginger for help. Now lets talk about before nap time...for the past couple of days Josh will only drink milk & eat fruit = yucky slimey poo = messy all over pants...I ended up changing him in the bath tub after trying to take off his pants & getting it all over his legs & feet. After a good rinse under the facet, I scrubbed him down well. Now lets warp to later...Jason is home...dinner time. Josh will not taste anything. He needs to eat something. I don't want to go through another poo mess. We end up force feeding him some mashed potatoes. I just wanted him to taste some. He could reject later after he tried it. Well he showed us. He wouldn't swallow & then he started gagging on it until he vomited the contents of his stomach all over himself. Wonderful day. So here I at the moment is not fulfilling/fun...not to mention I starting to worry about W2/end of the year returns that I have to do. I'm such a worry wart. At home Josh likes to see how far he can go with my patients. Plus the doctor has me half way worried that he is not talking yet...Although I'm not so sure I like my new doctor. And finally Jason is never, thesis, gym, & seminary seems to be his life at the moment. So the next question how do I get out of this rut...Christmas music, a good house cleaning, or a day off...I don't know maybe I will try all 3.