Tuesday, September 16, 2008

First Day on The Job

Well today is my first official day of work and I really can't work. My computer (company computer) won't talk to the network properly. The IT guy thinks it is something to do with the wireless router because they have had problems with that in the past and considering Jason hooked it up without the router & it worked I believe he is right. The only problem is I can't work from where it manually plugs in...that's why we have wireless. I guess we have to change the IP address somehow. Our FHE last night was Jason drawing a picture & explaining how IP addresses work and how it is like a telephone number and each of the computers are like extentions. Jason still didn't understand what exactly had to be changed so hopefully the email the IT guy sent back will help him tonight so I can access what I need. In the meantime Ginger will still be doing payroll for this time around since I'm not up to speed yet. So this morning I went to the library and tried to go shopping for a baby shower gift...Josh wasn't in the mood so I bought nothing and I still have to go back to get something. I just can't pick out something cute when he is screaming. We also looked at halloween costumes...I was thinking a pumpkin but I don't know. None of the costumes jumped out as cute! Buy me! So in summary I accomplished nothing today besides driving around and emailing people.

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