Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wonder Women

So today was a very awesome day. It all began the same as it usually does...arise at 8am, get ready for the day, pick up Josh from the crib and breakfast. We played for awhile and we watched a little of price is right. Josh enjoys that show. I think it is all the clapping. Half way into the show, I peer outside and look at our very long, lushes grass. It needs to be mowed. Jason is stressed and I know he doesn't have time so I decided to do it. Josh didn't like it at first and cried while sitting on his bike for half of the back yard. Then he discovered the sprinkler that looks like a tractor and had fun spinning it. In the front yard I had to remove him from getting into the street twice. He enjoyed crawling through the lawn and has grass stains to prove it. After that we had lunch, bath, and he took a nap. I then called into work and was able to talk to IT and get my computer working. So I am now set up at home. I still need to get some things from the office but I now can check email & log into the accounting program. Then I worked out a time with our builder to come check out a leak from one of our windows...Our house loves water. Then I cooked dinner. Jason got home and I was able to go to YW where we talked about Journal keeping and we shared some experiences with each other. I need to do better with my journal keeping for sure. It kind of stopped since we moved. Anyway, the title wonder women was chosen for this entry because, I just feel very fulfilled today. I feel like I could conquer anything that comes my way.

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