Friday, January 23, 2009

Procrastination & Family Update

So the boy is asleep and I have a lot of work that I have to get done before Tuesday & I am not motivated to do anything. I just want to curl up in my bed and watch a good chick flick. Instead I'm surfing the net and updating my blog. I'm jealous of everyone elses blogs & I want mine to look cute too. I guess by being on the computer, I'm close to my work. I will be so glad when Jan 31st hits. Q4 reports will be done & W2s will be out the door and I can almost return to work 30 hours a month (almost because I will still have annual reports due by end of Feb). Then I can relax and focus on my dirty house.

Other family news...FHE on Monday will consist of going to a townhall meeting and protesting a rezoning of the land 2 or 3 house plots of land away from us. Prieb who owns the land wants to rezone it from single family homes to apartments. We were leagally suppose to be notified, but we weren't. Our neighbor went door to door letting our neighborhood all know. She is one of the only ones that got contacted (it's right next door to her). So we have all banded together and since there is not very many of us we also are letting the near by neighborhoods know. I hope we win. Only time will tell. That is going to suck big time if it passes.

Jason also just got told that the big project he was working on at B&V is being shut down so he could loose his job or get relocated to another section in B&V (out of nuclear division to another division). Hopefully the later. They do see value in Jason (he has received a couple of raises that aren't the normal inflation one & in his last review he recieved the highest rating you can get & not very many people get that one) so I'm quite confident they will keep him.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Year 2009

A review of 2008...I'm in the middle of posting pictures on facebook so if you are interested you can look at all the cute pictures of Josh from 08. Big things in our lives that happened in 08 Readers Digest version. PS no one is getting a Christmas Card update of our lives...just didn't happen this year.
  • Moved into our first house - it's been fun...only complaint is the roof.
  • Went on a Family vacation to SD...Jason biked, we enjoyed the scenery, went to bear country, watched movies, shopped, saw Mt Rushmore
  • Josh got teeth, learned to crawl, learned to walk, learned some sign language, and says a few words, loves Elvis & Beethoven and likes to help mom with the laundry.
  • Jason got an out of the blue raise at work so they must like him, he teaches seminary, he is still working on his thesis...He has the conclusion & the appendix left. He enjoys going to the gym and doing a spinning class with some of his friends at work.
  • Jen quit her job at Neosystems, had the summer as a full time homemaker, accepted a job at EMR working from home. At church I am the primary secretary. I'm at the moment obsessed with oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, solitare on my new IPod and I really like rubber stamps.

So after reviewing my goals form last year and seeing what I did and did not are my goals for 2009

  • Personal: Read 6 books a year, scrapbook one page a month, read scriptures daily, try 1 new recipe a month, keep house clean, send out a Christmas Letter
  • Family: Have FHE weekly, read scriptures as a family, make sure Jason & I have date night, Temple trip monthly, go on a family vacation even if it isn't far, throw a party for Jason once he finishes his thesis (he will finish it this year)
  • Work: Try to get along with the whole accounting department, try not to be so stressed about work-get through Feb 29th (W2 will be done), try to keep house clean - maybe come up with a schedule.