Friday, May 23, 2008

More Time?

So I thought that becoming a full time mom would allow me more time to do things around the house and run errands that I need to do. I guess not. Since Josh & I are home all the time it seems like things get messed up more, new projects always arrise before old projects are complete, and I seem to get side tracked doing fun things for me like blogging while Josh is asleep. Either that or I just don't have the energy to clean the house after going around in the house helping Josh to walk. (He like to walk around holding my hands). Anyway, life is settling in a little. Dave & Heather came out for a week, starting on mother's day. It was nice seeing them again. We went to the petting zoo and fed the goats, looked at the bunnies, chickens, cows and other animals. Josh's favorite part of the day was swinging and taking a nap while Jacob mined for gold. Last weekend Jason & I went to Lawrence for one of my old co workers graduataion party. That was fun to see Ginger & some other EMR employees. Part of me still misses work. After talking with Heather, she says that goes away after the 2nd child. After the party we stopped by Erin's house and chatted for a bit. Last Monday was Jason's Bday. To celebrate, I made him a dinner he requested and bought some yummy cheese cake. He will be getting a gym membership for his Bday gift to the gym that all his coworker go to. Last night we went over to Kimberlee & Aaron's house for dinner. They are a couple in our ward that has a girl that is a couple months older than Josh, and Aaron loves flying as much as Jason does. It was a fun night and I'm glad I got to meet/socialize with more people in our ward. I found out that our ward has play groups, quilting group and a book group. I guess the relief society doesn't do a very good job of letting new people know about these. I'm a little disappointed that all the summer playgroups are at parks since Josh is not walking yet all he really does is swing at a park, but maybe that will change in a month or 2.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Closing a Chapter

So yesterday was hard on me. I closed a chapter in my life. The day started out crazy. Jason left for work with the boy to drop off. I was going to finish getting ready for & breakfast but then I realized that there was a diaper bag on the table. So I basically packed up and left since I had to go the opposite direction to drop off the diaper bag. I was an hour late to work. At work, I tried to get everything done and I of course didn't, but I guess that is someone else's job now. I organized my desk so that someone else could hopefully pick up where I left off. I just know it won't get done though since the client is in the midst of taking their accounting back in house...they gave their notice last Friday...and my coworkers/boss barely have time to do their jobs. Oh well not my job now. So I was the last one to leave the office today and I was packing all my personal belongings and it hit me and I started crying. Getting this job was a trial for me and an answer to a prayer. I have met wonderful people who have touched my life that I may never see again. I probably won't work again until my children are grown and maybe not even after that. Looking back at the path I have gone down and how much I have grown because of this job and all the good memories just makes me want to cry and smile at the same time. It was hard taking off my name plate on my door. I remember that I started in a storage room where people didn't even know I was there unless they were filing something. I then moved to a cubicle, then to a better cubicle, and then to an office with my name on the door. Well I guess I'm now moving home and you can't get better than that. Josh's favorite book at the moment is Goodnight Moon. So I will end this post with...Goodnight Neosystems, Goodnight EMR, Goodnight work, Goodnight commuting in the Car. Goodnight taxes. Goodnight faxes and Good night all my wonderful coworkers and friends.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


So I slacked a little today and started playing WOW (World of Warcraft) again while Josh was sleeping in the morning. I hear this thud while playing and thought they were working on the houses next to ours. So I looked out the window out back and no one is there. I hear another thud and it sounds like it is coming from Josh's room. Fear struck me and I thought that he had pulled himself up & out of his crib & had fallen out. I rushed to his room to find a peaceful baby in bed & I hear another thud...It's on my roof. I looked out the window & saw some guys and a truck. Yea they are fixing our roof again! I didn't even have to call this time. That was on my list of things to do today. Hopefully it will be the last time the have to fix our roof. I swear our house is situated in a wind tunnel sometimes. I did get to explore Gardner a little bit. Josh & I went walking on a trail and found a cool park to go swing at. This other little boy kept staring at Josh and then he told his mom that Josh wasn't wearing pants and that he was in his underwear. I about died laughing. Josh was wearing shorts. I have enjoyed my 2 days of mommyhood. I will be going back to work on Friday, but that should be my last day. :) Yea!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale Success!

Today was the big Gardner garage sale day. We drove around neighborhoods looking for an exersaucer. That was the main item on my list. Those things run about 100 bucks and Josh loved the one at Wesley's house. So we saw a few, but they looked small, dirty, or they didn't have things to play with on them. I got real good at spotting them. There was one that I spotted. It looked good from the car, but when I went into the garage and got a closer look, I realized it was still being used by the happy baby sitting in it and not for sale. Just when I thought we wouldn't find one, we drove by a house and there was a cute one that looked really nice. I was so excited! I love garage saling (if that is a word), but usually I'm very picky and don't find anything so this was the icing on the cake for me. Happy Late Bday Josh.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Recap

So Josh's B-day party went well. I was a little concerned because my parents were 30 minutes late and the later it gets the crankier the boy gets. I understand why they were late though...they found out on Monday that they will be housing missionaries. They were going to move in Wednesday, but that is the day my parents were leaving for CA to go see Grandpa Guernsey who is practically on his death bed. (which I have not talked about on my blog. I guess I don't handle death too well.) Anyway so they moved in on mom had 1 day notice. She knew they were considering her house, but didn't think they would actually use it since my sister comes home in June. So back to the party. Josh didn't know what to think about his cake. He poked it and then started pealing off frosting and throwing it on the floor. Jason was like "not the response I thought he would have". After we all stopped watching him and focused on eating our cake. He got the hang of it and started putting it in his mouth. The present opening was not as fun Christmas. He cried through most of it which was funny. After GM got is bottle the right temperature, the gift opening was a lot happier. Josh came out with a book, a sippy cup, some keys, lots of clothes to mommy's happiness, and yet another bike. Josh is going to be the popular kid on the block. We have 3 cars & a Tonka truck. I need to have a play group over.

Things I'm looking forward to...The Office tonight. I love that show. Go Toby. This weekend Gardner is having a city wide garage sale. I'm excited. Josh & I are going to go around town if it is nice outside. I love going to garage sales even if I'm not a big spender. It is just fun. Since Josh is an earlier riser, he can get me out of bed for the good stuff before it sells. Also this weekend is the father/son camp out and of course it is suppose to rain on Friday. It would be nice if father would take son but father made up this potty training rule. I think it would be easier to camp with a son in diapers. You wouldn't have to hear about having to go to an out house. Anyway...Here are some B-day pictures for all to enjoy.

So Here is my Jessica knock off smash cake. I think it turned out rather cute.

Here is the rest of the cake.......
Joshua was very polite about it and not too messy to chair and my floor and different story.

He is a little more messy....

He liked using a fork. The start of good manners. :)