Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gas Update

So the mechanic looked at it and he said it was an O-ring that needed to be changed. He showed me. You just had to turn the key to turn on the lights and gas would go squirting out of it. So basically since I had smelled the gas earilier that means I was driving around town watering my engine with gas all day. Boy I guess I said my prayers that morning. He said usually they will not fail like that one did. He also said it was not safe to drive the car. He can't get the part until tommorrow but he did all the prep work today.

Bad Gas Smells

So yesterday when I got in my car it smelled kind of funny. I thought maybe it was something we brought into it from our new house. I was at first thinking it smelled a little like someone left a varnish can open. So I did all of my running around with Josh. I did mommy & me group and Costco. Every time I got out of the car I swear it smelled but I couldn't put my finger on it. After Costco though I was sure my car smelled like I just filled up on gas. I drove home and parked in the garage and it was definitely strong and it was gas. Jason walked in the front door and was like what is that gas smell. I didn't even realize it smelled in the house. I guess I was smelling it so much I just got used to it. So I told him about my car. We pushed it out of the garage. We were scared to start it. We called Dave B. over because he pretty good with cars just so we could at least diagnose the problem. We were trying to decide whether or not to drive it to get it fixed or to tow it. They figured out that I guess a cap came off or something and so my car would spit out gas when we start it and drive. Fun. I'm glad I did not blow up on my way home from Costco. So today this mechanic is suppose to come over and fix it. It is a guy that works out of his van. The Church has used him for stuff and Jason & I used him to check out the Nissan when we were thinking about buying it. So hopefully he can fix it. It just scares me that I was dousing my hot engine in gasoline as I was driving yesterday. Fun things just keep happening to my car. Yea! It just needs to hang in there a while longer. I can't afford to by a new car at the moment. Well the good that came out of this was that Jason was able to see Dave and they could talk and Jason went over there to see if he could fix their problem with their TV.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Walk Through

So we had our walk through yesterday. Tom & Erin came along and helped us pick out all the flaws in our house. I felt like I was being so picky but hey I'm paying for it. There were a lot of little touch ups to be done. Nothing major. I must say I'm so excited to move in now. It looks so nice. My main annoyance with the house which I found that will be fixed before we move in is the light fixture in the kids bathroom upstairs. It is 4 vanity lights above a mirror that spans over the counter top. They were installed on the top left side of the mirror. So weird and awkward. Hello you center them above the sink. Maybe it stood out to me because I'm a symmetrical person. I don't know Jason didn't seem concerned with it, but our realtor agreed with me (our realtor is a woman maybe it's a man thing). Things about the house that I'm excited about is the tub. We fired it up and I just wanted to jump in. Nice and relaxing. I also liked the fire alarms. They are wired so when one goes off they all go off. Cool if there is a fire downstairs you don't know about and you can get out before smoke comes all the way upstairs. Bad if you are cooking, baby is sleeping and you burn something really bad and you set off the alarm. I like the light fixtures we picked out and the kitchen cabinet color too. So anyway lets all pray for good weather for the rest of the week so they can get all the outside stuff done and we can move in on time.

Monday, February 25, 2008

To Do List For the week

I'm so excited for this week to start. I have a lot that I want to do. Today I want to start reading a book, write a letter, get some tax paperwork together, mail some stuff and run errands. Tommorrow is our walk through. I haven't actually been in the house yet so I'm excited. That would be cool if we showed up and we had a driveway. Then that night is indian taco night. Yum! Wednesday I am going to go shopping for clothes for Josh and to Costco and it is also mommy & me play date day. That night Jeff is going to do our taxes. Thursday and Friday will be cleaning/more packing days. Then on Saturday we are going to the melting pot! Yum! I can't wait. In other exciting news, Tom Barker is back from Japan, I bought a new couch, and Josh has 2 teeth and he helps me pull him up to sitting position.

To close this post I will post the long awaited picture of my purse...its not exciting. I like having a small bag for my stuff, though now that Josh is getting to the point where I want to have an inbetween purse that is half mine half diaper bag so I don't have to carry 2 bags. I am in the process of looking for this new bag so on short shopping trips I can have a glorified purse that can include one diaper and some snacks so I don't have to bring a huge diaper bag with me in the car.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

February Is almost over

My goodness this week has gone by quickly. One of my new year's resolutions is to read a book each month. I guess I will be cramming it in the last week. Nothing new to report on the home front. I don't think the weather is going to cooperate with pouring concrete and our move in date though considering it snowed today. Josh got to watch me shovel the driveway. Well I guess I better get to work. I have take home work to do that Josh didn't let me work on during the day and it needs to be done by tommorrow at lunch time. I so want to quit my job now. I just want to stop worrying about it and not have any responsiblity and be able to focus on my family. I do have a firm set date though about quitting. I know I am not going to do year end stuff again. Maybe I will quit sometime in the summer. I do have a new boss now so maybe things will settle down again. I think I bored him to death the other day when I was showing him how to do payroll.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ode to the Best Boss Brad

So I thought now that I have a new boss to write about that I should close the book on my old boss Brad and write about the top eight reasons why he was the best boss. So here they are not in any particular order.
  1. Socialable & Fun: He was always joking around with everyone in the office and his stories about his weekends, family, or friends were always fun to listen to.
  2. Teaches You: If we were getting bored with what we were doing at work. He would show us how to do more stuff to vary our work a little and keep us interested.
  3. Trusting: I think it was my 3rd week of working and I had the worst week with cars dying and having flat tires. My friend dropped me off and I finished work early. I was just going to stick around and surf the net until she picked me back up, but Brad offered to let me drive his car home and bring it back at the end of the day. He didn't even know my driving record. He let me know before that you could drive awhile after the empty gas light came on because his tank was getting low. Halfway home it came on. I put in $5 of gas...I wasn't getting stranded with his car knowing my week with cars was horrible. I figured it would be thanks for letting me take his car. The next day he asked if I got gas so he gave me $5 even though I told him he didn't have to.
  4. Gratiful/Appreciated employees: About once a month he would take us out to lunch and pay out of his own pocket. I thought that was cool. It let us know on a personal level that he cared and appreciated us.
  5. Got Things Done and Stands By his Decisions: He did his job and went the extra mile to explain accounting stuff to nonaccounting people. Also after he made decisions or he knew he was right, he didn't let people walk all over him and that is what EMR needs in their accounting dept. head.
  6. Flexible: He was very accommidating to my schedule when I was pregnant and needed to leave for appointments or if I was feeling sick.
  7. Went the Extra Mile: I've already said this but it deserves it's own category. He was always adding to his monthly reporting to EMR with extra graphs, charts or commentary of what was happening with their finances. If you needed something he would get it for you or help you get to an answer
  8. Kept Things Running: I didn't realize how much behind the scenes stuff he did until he left.

A Little Bummed...16 days maybe

So it is up in the air at the moment as of when the builders can pour cement...our front steps and driveway. As of right now it is too cold which may mess up our closing day/move in day and the interest rate we have locked in. :( So lets all pray for spring weather. I've already got most of the house packed up and I'm ready to go. I don't need this! I am so ready to move, get settled and become a full time stay at home mom. In other news, I now have a boss at work. I guess he started last week. He is being trained at the moment how to use the accounting program we use. He is a lot different than Brad (my old boss) so it will be interesting. I haven't had too much interaction with him yet, but I hope he catches on and fits in at EMR and can be an asset to them. I think he will have a hard time filling in Brad's shoes though.

Friday, February 1, 2008


So when do you magically become a an expert on motherhood? I can now see the first baby is a trial run. After 9 months I have worried about things that don't need to be worried about, I have not worried about things I should be worried about, I have bought things I don't really need, and I have had stupid mom moments that I vowed that I would never do yet it happened and it scared me to pieces. At the end of the day I'm tired and exhausted and don't want to take care of him anymore and I would like some grown up talk so I gratefully hand him over to dad where then he starts laughing and smiling and instinctly I want him back again so weird. On a another note on motherhood this age is awful age because when they are sick they can't tell you where it hurts or if it hurts (Josh doesn't get fussy when he is sick) you just get to guess what is going on by outside signs their body gives off and then you just feel terrible for them and you try your best to make them feel better. I think hugs are not just to make them feel better but it helps mom too. On my last note I hate colds and ear infections and omnicef (I think I spelled it right)