Friday, October 24, 2008

Catching Up

So I've been busy for awhile. Here is the update on my so called life.

Work-Things have been going great. I've spent a little more time then I would like, but I'm having to do some clean up to get back on track. Not to mention I had to do 3rd Quarter reports for all of the states that EMR has employees in...which is a lot.

Family-We are pumped about preparedness & food storage again & want to start collecting & preparing. Josh is getting big. He is going to be a dragon for Halloween this year. I had to go on a shopping spree the other day to get him warm clothes that fit. Jason is still doing seminary. I help out every onece & awhile.

Fun Things in Life-My car broke down at Walmart. Mom had to come rescue Josh & I. With Josh screaming in the car while we transfered groceries & tried jumping the car. 2 different guys came and helped us with the car. The first guy actually helped us jump the car. After that I was going to call a tow truck adn the second guy came back & tried to help so I let him try to tightening things which didn't help...verdict is in this morning from the mechanics...its the starter. My car the money eater.