Tuesday, July 15, 2008

THE SUBTLE KNIFE by Philip Pullman

I love books on CD. It makes reading such a breeze. I read this book because I have to know what happens to Lyra. This is the 2nd of a 3 book series. The only reason I'm reading it is to finish the story. There is way too much religious stuff in this book series for me. This one introduces a new character- Will who is connected to Lyra's mission. Will gets a knife that can cut into different worlds. Meanwhile there is a war brewing. Something like the war in heaven...supposedly Lyra is Eve. Whatever... Again I would not recommend this book just reading it because I'm curious to know how it ends

Friday, July 11, 2008

THE GOLDEN COMPASS by Philip Pullman

So there are 12 months in a year. We are on month 7. I had a goal to read 1 book a month...I have now read 2....

So I read The Golden Compass because it is a fantasy type novel and I like those sorts of books and I saw the movie and wanted to know what happens next (there are 3 books). So I read the first book and it was alright. It followed the movie pretty well except it ended in a different spot and the movie left out all the hooky parts (thank goodness) about theology and the story relating to Adam and Eve and the original sin. blah blah blah. That chapter was kind of weird... The rest of the book was cute. I like the make believe idea of people having little pets that they are connected to them. It's like having a best friend who never leaves your side and you can read minds. It was not my favorite fantasy book, but I now know part of the story so I'm going to have to read...listen (ok so I cheat library has books on tape) to the rest of the series.

Also since the author puts religion into this book here is the one religious thing I thought to take from the book. Although I'm pretty sure he didn't imply this but who knows. As I typed this maybe he did. There are these armored bears in the story & Lyra learns that they can't be tricked, but there is this bear that a town tricked and they took away his armor and he became a servant to the town because he was nothing without his armor...it was like his soul. Anyway they ended up tricking him when he was drinking spirits. So she came to the conclusion that you could trick and armored bear when he was trying to be something he was not. (Armored bears don't drink...that is a human thing:) So in my words, You are a human being, a man, having potential to become like God and Satan can only trick you when you are trying to be something you are not (anything that is not like God) so when he does trick you he takes away your soul and you become a servant to him or to whatever he tricked you with. Deep thoughts I know.

Stair Stepping toward the IPhone

So yes Jason is finally going to get the IPhone. He was going to get it today but they ran out by the time he got to the front of the line. He called me to tell me that he is now on a waiting list. I was sad for him because he was soooo excited last night. During this 3 minutes conversation on the phone that we had, Josh was crawling around downstairs (I was in the living room). After hanging up, I called his name. He was being too quiet. I come to find him upstairs in his bathroom. So he managed to crawl all the way up by himself and not fall. I was a little freaked out and excited for him at the same time. I guess I need to start putting the gate at the bottom of the stairs now. We had been working on stairs, but after 3 he gives up and slides back down. I guess he just climbed over that obsticle and now he is a mountain climber. Josh is fast & Mom's learning curve is a little slow