Saturday, November 13, 2010

James William Draper

Little James... He loves his fingers

Before James
The Boys meet for the 1st time
Mom & James snuggling
Dad & James Hanging Out watching Bond, James Bond

He is finally here! James William was born Nov 4, 2010. He was 8lbs 9oz & 20in long. It was a little scary for me since he was breech & they decided it was in the best interest of everyone to do a C-section at my Wednesday appointment. So then we set up a C-section for the next day. Good bye chipotle burritos, A1, sauce & fondue cravings. Hello he is finally going to be here. It happened all so quickly. I'm still not sure what to think of it all & I'm still recovering. I think the worst part of the whole C-section thing is not being able to function for so long because you are recovering from surgery. Holding your baby is even hard sometimes.

My thoughts on my C-section... I really loved the anesthesiologist. He had a nice soothing voice (reminded me of a loving bishop voice) He helped calm me down and talk me through everything. There was also a nurse in training there. she was cool. When they were giving me my epidural, I was leaning into the nurse so they could poke me. I was so nervous on verge of tears and she took my hand. At first I thought it was Jason until I realized it was the nurse in training (they let Jason in after the epidural). That was really nice of her & I really needed it. Poor girl though, she had to leave because she was getting nausua during the procedure. So overall the C-section was ok. It was great to see & hear my baby cry, but I really couldn't hold him for awhile. When we got back to the room, my spinal had worn off & they didn't have my pain killers to run through the epidural line yet. I was in pain so until that died down, I really didn't have a desire to hold him.

Recovery - The worst part was the day after the c-section (Jason went home to sleep & be with Josh), I had a totally sucky nurse and guess what I got her again the next day. She just wasn't very punctual ...15-30 min after I push the freaking button. I was in tears. Good thing I wasn't dying, but she was starving my baby since I couldn't get up to feed him...don't get me started on her. She tried making it up the next day. Still her bedside manner sucked. So after being all emotionally ticked about being neglected then we go through a roller coaster about our son's kidney's heart & at one point his liver & all of this after a sono was done & after my doctor said everything was fine. I guess the doctor on call from my pediatrian's office didn't know there was a sono of Jamse & only saw the sono of him when he was inside of me which showed water around his kidneys. She ordered x-ray and thought the heart looked big and so did the liver so they took another one and had a specialist come in. The specialist seemed very competent that everything was ok & now I know which pediatrician in the practice I will never go to. I don't tell it very well, but it was almost like this pediatrician was on a witch hunt to find something wrong.

On the flip side. I loved my night shift nurses. They are the best. I had one 2 nights in a row. That was cool. She took really cute picture of James. So far, it has been super nice to have my mom, sister in law, & mother in law close by. They have been a big help with Josh & help around my house as I recover. I'm also greatful for all the meals church friends brought by. Recovery after a c-section is a lot harder because you can't funtion like can't walk very well, lift anything, or drive. You hurt & you are tired all the time on top of it all. Next time I hear someone is having a C-section, I'm going to help them out as much as possible. Especially if they don't have family near by.