Friday, August 29, 2008

Random Bullets about Me

  • Seminary has taught me, I'm not a morning person...sorry Jason for not being much help
  • Baby Einstein gives me 30 more minutes of me time
  • I'm a paper pusher, maybe that's why I like working in an office
  • Playgroup at the park-I go to talk to other mom's but I find myself focusing more on Josh & making sure he is having fun rather than talking to with the other moms. Might as well go to the park alone.
  • I will finish later...bbfv baby einstein has ended....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Steps

In Josh news, we have been walking him back and forth between Jason & I. He can basically walk across our living room with no problems just as long as he is walking towards someone he loves. He is so cute. Sometimes on his way to dad he will fall down and he will crawl back to me start again...redo. Sometimes he also gets distracted by the sippy cup on the couch or the cookie on the floor that he looses site of his goal mom/dad and he veers off course to the object (which we encourage of course just as long as after his break, he continues practicing). So he can walk end of story...but if you try to walk with him and wiggle your finger out of his strong grip, then he plops down and gets mad at you. He just likes to hold hands.

In other Josh news, he is practicing to be an Olympic diver. I gave him a 8.3 on his last dive into the bath tub. He scored high because he did it with a smile and a little laughter, but there were some deductions because he missed the rubber ducky and he was still wearing his shirt and diaper...he got away from me while I was getting him ready to hop in the bath.

News on the home front. We have successfully completed one week of seminary or should I say Jason has. I'm still struggling with waking up early, but that has been a life long struggle. I cooked pancakes for everyone this morning. That was fun. I also got a call from work. They want me to do payroll again...I could work from home. There are pros & cons floating around in my head, but I think I'm going to do I crazy? I enjoy the association with people at work, I enjoy keeping up on my skills, and the extra money would be fun money...fence, TV, computer, new car fund, food storage...ok they are all fun. This would be the only time I could do it...once child 2 comes along, I wouldn't have time. I know it sounds a little selfish but I do miss working.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Early Bird Catches the Worm

So I'm waiting for seminary to end. I should be sleeping, but I told Jason I would try to get up & go to bed with him so that we are on the same schedule. I'm not a morning person. Yea seminary in our house in our front room...our front room looks like a class room. Talk about sacrifice and compromising with your spouce. The only thing left now is we have a chair problem. The chairs that our ward gave us are nasty & rusty...they have been out in a shed. I don't want them to ruin my carpet. So my problem of the day is fixing We have some ideas I will let you know how it turns out.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Discovery of TP

So I usually close the bathroom door and let Josh crawl around upstairs. Opps forgot to close it. Next thing I see is Josh crawling down the hall with lots of toilet paper trailing off his hand. It was quite funny. As far as food goes, Josh's favorite meat- hot dogs, favorite fruit - dried apples, favorite snack - gold fishies or animal crackers, favorite vege - I'm working on this one...I've run into the age old question of how do you get your kids to eat french fries count as a vegetable? He also loves pizza, cottage cheese, string cheese, apple sauce and grilled cheese sandwiches. As far as special snacks go, he like chocolate milk shakes, ice cream, and brownies. These snacks he will scream at you if his bites are not given in a timely manner. He is not very patient at times. Well I have stuff I need to do before nap time ends.

PS I finished another book...The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Finally finished the series. This book was long and lost my interest at times. I didn't like the way it ended. I guess the final religious point the book made was good so I will share that. We need to concentrate on what we do in this life in the here & now to build up the kingdom of heaven in our own lives. Yea I've now read 4 books. Next book I want to read is's the next Harry Potter. Everyone is crazy about that book it seems. Sad thing is there is a waiting list at the library...I'm 14th in line for the CD and 200 and some for the book. That can't be right but that is what my hold says.