Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More Josh Funnies & James Update

  • Went to GM & GP Guernsey's house. Everyone else was talking so I was the only one to witness such a manly comment. Josh goes mommy, points to the TV and says "look mommy its smaller". Their TV is a good size. I would classify it as is just not as big a daddy's TV but the furniture set up is the same so it is easy to compare and see that it is smaller. :)
  • He is way into video games. It is so much fun to hear him explain what happened in the video game. He gets so excited and uses his arms to tell you what happened. Sometimes it takes me a couple of minutes to realize we are talking about video games and then it makes sense what he is saying.
  • We are back to watching Scooby Doo and in doing so I remember how tender Josh's heart is as he starts crying at "intense" parts. Then as we have watched a couple, I have talked to him about why he is crying, it has become quite clear that he is the son of an engineer. He cries not because the characters are in trouble or it's scary...he cries because buildings or bridges are being broken.
James -
  • He smiles
  • He coos
  • He spits up a lot
  • Right now he sounds awful-congested & coughing-I wish he could blow his nose-the nose sucker just can't get it all.
  • He loves working out aka mom moving his legs & feet