Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Walk Through

So we had our walk through yesterday. Tom & Erin came along and helped us pick out all the flaws in our house. I felt like I was being so picky but hey I'm paying for it. There were a lot of little touch ups to be done. Nothing major. I must say I'm so excited to move in now. It looks so nice. My main annoyance with the house which I found that will be fixed before we move in is the light fixture in the kids bathroom upstairs. It is 4 vanity lights above a mirror that spans over the counter top. They were installed on the top left side of the mirror. So weird and awkward. Hello you center them above the sink. Maybe it stood out to me because I'm a symmetrical person. I don't know Jason didn't seem concerned with it, but our realtor agreed with me (our realtor is a woman maybe it's a man thing). Things about the house that I'm excited about is the tub. We fired it up and I just wanted to jump in. Nice and relaxing. I also liked the fire alarms. They are wired so when one goes off they all go off. Cool if there is a fire downstairs you don't know about and you can get out before smoke comes all the way upstairs. Bad if you are cooking, baby is sleeping and you burn something really bad and you set off the alarm. I like the light fixtures we picked out and the kitchen cabinet color too. So anyway lets all pray for good weather for the rest of the week so they can get all the outside stuff done and we can move in on time.


Jessica G. said...

I love my big tub! I don't get to use it very often because who knows what the kids would do while I was in the bathtub? I still haven't decided how to decorate in there...what are you doing around your tub?

April said...

It's probably a good thing you didn't have Rafal or I there. One architect is bad enough on a walk through...let alone 2. But Congrats! on the new house. Sounds like everything went well.