Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bad Gas Smells

So yesterday when I got in my car it smelled kind of funny. I thought maybe it was something we brought into it from our new house. I was at first thinking it smelled a little like someone left a varnish can open. So I did all of my running around with Josh. I did mommy & me group and Costco. Every time I got out of the car I swear it smelled but I couldn't put my finger on it. After Costco though I was sure my car smelled like I just filled up on gas. I drove home and parked in the garage and it was definitely strong and it was gas. Jason walked in the front door and was like what is that gas smell. I didn't even realize it smelled in the house. I guess I was smelling it so much I just got used to it. So I told him about my car. We pushed it out of the garage. We were scared to start it. We called Dave B. over because he pretty good with cars just so we could at least diagnose the problem. We were trying to decide whether or not to drive it to get it fixed or to tow it. They figured out that I guess a cap came off or something and so my car would spit out gas when we start it and drive. Fun. I'm glad I did not blow up on my way home from Costco. So today this mechanic is suppose to come over and fix it. It is a guy that works out of his van. The Church has used him for stuff and Jason & I used him to check out the Nissan when we were thinking about buying it. So hopefully he can fix it. It just scares me that I was dousing my hot engine in gasoline as I was driving yesterday. Fun things just keep happening to my car. Yea! It just needs to hang in there a while longer. I can't afford to by a new car at the moment. Well the good that came out of this was that Jason was able to see Dave and they could talk and Jason went over there to see if he could fix their problem with their TV.

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