Thursday, February 28, 2008

Gas Update

So the mechanic looked at it and he said it was an O-ring that needed to be changed. He showed me. You just had to turn the key to turn on the lights and gas would go squirting out of it. So basically since I had smelled the gas earilier that means I was driving around town watering my engine with gas all day. Boy I guess I said my prayers that morning. He said usually they will not fail like that one did. He also said it was not safe to drive the car. He can't get the part until tommorrow but he did all the prep work today.


Beth said...

Okay, so, shockingly, I teach 11th grade. But no honors kids and in a school where I have been overall disappointed at the lack of respect for education.

In their defense, the most interesting stories usually come from the most immature students. :)

Jessica G. said...'s a good thing your Guardian Angel was on duty today! Scary stuff!