Thursday, January 3, 2008

Tough Day at Work

There are days when I just think to myself 'I should just quit my job and then I won't have to worry about it'. Today was one of those days. I dread the transition to a new calendar year every year. This year was worth dreading. First of all we no longer have a boss that knows how to make things run smoothly and can answer or help you find the answer to questions that arise. Second problem IT people don't think ahead so it makes us have to work harder (that one won't be a big problem until I do W2, but I'm already worrying about it). Third problem EMR's Memphis office. These all equal starting payroll at 2:30 on the day I have to submit it to the bank and I couldn't even start then because I had to close out 2007 payroll before I could start on what was due today. I didn't start sooner because we had to wait for Memphis invoices which are suppose to be turned in during the middle of Dec (Billing out Nov Work). After entering those, they had to close out Nov before we could open Jan (you can only have 2 months open at a time). That took longer than usually since our boss is usually the one that does that. Finally we could make a back up of the database and close out AP and payroll. Anyway I have to go back tomorrow and finish up. I just keep telling myself wait until we get settled in the house and then if I want to I can quit. I'm not looking forward to the rest of this month at work, but I have to remind myself I always hate this time of the year and payroll because of taxes and W2s.

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Jessica G. said...

I tried quitting my last job twice. My boss actually laughed at me the first time. It was a hard job and I didn't enjoy it. Also, it wasn't what I studied. AND I am a total airhead and should not be allowed within 12 cubit feet of someone else's money. But on the plus side, he did buy me flowers whenever he made me cry. :)