Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year

New Year...New Blog. So I think my xanga site is going to go off line. I like the lay out of this site better and I like how it archives what I write. So what does 2008 bring this year? What will I do to farther my life goals? What changes will occur? Stay tuned and I will fill you in. The start of this year has been fun already. I have been able to spend time with Jason and Josh over the Holidays. We have watched movies, played pick a boo, screamed, rolled around on the floor, played with all the new toys and we have even dabbled in trying new and exciting finger foods. Jason really liked the strawberry flavored stars that just melt in your mouth. We were curious if they really tasted that great. I was able to read some tear jerker Christmas books and watch Jane Eyre. I so want to read that book again. We were also able to get our family picture taken at Sears. I'm so picky with photos they came out all right I guess, but sometimes I think I could do better. I can't believe the Holidays ended so quickly, but I'm excited for the new year and the challenges ahead of me. Here are some of my goals for 2008:

  • Personal: Read a book once a month, organize my photos, scrapbook more, read scriptures daily, try new recipes, keep house clean, send out a Christmas Letter
  • Family: Move into new house, have FHE weekly, read scriptures daily, make sure Jason & I have date night, Temple trip monthly, go on a family vacation even if it isn't far
  • Work: Adjust to new boss whenever I get one (just to note that is one thing I hate about the new year...I lost a really great boss. Still feels weird that he is not there), try not to be so stressed about work, quit once I get all the extras for my house or baby #2 comes (this goal might be for next year or the year after but it is something I'm looking forward to...I'm talking about quitting. I'm definitely not ready for baby #2 yet although holding Ella makes me a little baby hungry. Josh is just so big now.)

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