Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weekly Recap

So Josh's B-day party went well. I was a little concerned because my parents were 30 minutes late and the later it gets the crankier the boy gets. I understand why they were late though...they found out on Monday that they will be housing missionaries. They were going to move in Wednesday, but that is the day my parents were leaving for CA to go see Grandpa Guernsey who is practically on his death bed. (which I have not talked about on my blog. I guess I don't handle death too well.) Anyway so they moved in on mom had 1 day notice. She knew they were considering her house, but didn't think they would actually use it since my sister comes home in June. So back to the party. Josh didn't know what to think about his cake. He poked it and then started pealing off frosting and throwing it on the floor. Jason was like "not the response I thought he would have". After we all stopped watching him and focused on eating our cake. He got the hang of it and started putting it in his mouth. The present opening was not as fun Christmas. He cried through most of it which was funny. After GM got is bottle the right temperature, the gift opening was a lot happier. Josh came out with a book, a sippy cup, some keys, lots of clothes to mommy's happiness, and yet another bike. Josh is going to be the popular kid on the block. We have 3 cars & a Tonka truck. I need to have a play group over.

Things I'm looking forward to...The Office tonight. I love that show. Go Toby. This weekend Gardner is having a city wide garage sale. I'm excited. Josh & I are going to go around town if it is nice outside. I love going to garage sales even if I'm not a big spender. It is just fun. Since Josh is an earlier riser, he can get me out of bed for the good stuff before it sells. Also this weekend is the father/son camp out and of course it is suppose to rain on Friday. It would be nice if father would take son but father made up this potty training rule. I think it would be easier to camp with a son in diapers. You wouldn't have to hear about having to go to an out house. Anyway...Here are some B-day pictures for all to enjoy.

So Here is my Jessica knock off smash cake. I think it turned out rather cute.

Here is the rest of the cake.......
Joshua was very polite about it and not too messy to chair and my floor and different story.

He is a little more messy....

He liked using a fork. The start of good manners. :)

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Jessica G. said...

Cute cake! You did a great job!