Saturday, May 3, 2008

Garage Sale Success!

Today was the big Gardner garage sale day. We drove around neighborhoods looking for an exersaucer. That was the main item on my list. Those things run about 100 bucks and Josh loved the one at Wesley's house. So we saw a few, but they looked small, dirty, or they didn't have things to play with on them. I got real good at spotting them. There was one that I spotted. It looked good from the car, but when I went into the garage and got a closer look, I realized it was still being used by the happy baby sitting in it and not for sale. Just when I thought we wouldn't find one, we drove by a house and there was a cute one that looked really nice. I was so excited! I love garage saling (if that is a word), but usually I'm very picky and don't find anything so this was the icing on the cake for me. Happy Late Bday Josh.

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Jessica G. said...

Those things are wickedly expensive but are worth their weight in gold, once you see how much your child loves being in them. Glad you found a good one!