Friday, May 23, 2008

More Time?

So I thought that becoming a full time mom would allow me more time to do things around the house and run errands that I need to do. I guess not. Since Josh & I are home all the time it seems like things get messed up more, new projects always arrise before old projects are complete, and I seem to get side tracked doing fun things for me like blogging while Josh is asleep. Either that or I just don't have the energy to clean the house after going around in the house helping Josh to walk. (He like to walk around holding my hands). Anyway, life is settling in a little. Dave & Heather came out for a week, starting on mother's day. It was nice seeing them again. We went to the petting zoo and fed the goats, looked at the bunnies, chickens, cows and other animals. Josh's favorite part of the day was swinging and taking a nap while Jacob mined for gold. Last weekend Jason & I went to Lawrence for one of my old co workers graduataion party. That was fun to see Ginger & some other EMR employees. Part of me still misses work. After talking with Heather, she says that goes away after the 2nd child. After the party we stopped by Erin's house and chatted for a bit. Last Monday was Jason's Bday. To celebrate, I made him a dinner he requested and bought some yummy cheese cake. He will be getting a gym membership for his Bday gift to the gym that all his coworker go to. Last night we went over to Kimberlee & Aaron's house for dinner. They are a couple in our ward that has a girl that is a couple months older than Josh, and Aaron loves flying as much as Jason does. It was a fun night and I'm glad I got to meet/socialize with more people in our ward. I found out that our ward has play groups, quilting group and a book group. I guess the relief society doesn't do a very good job of letting new people know about these. I'm a little disappointed that all the summer playgroups are at parks since Josh is not walking yet all he really does is swing at a park, but maybe that will change in a month or 2.

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Jessica G. said...

Oh boy, do I know about getting side-tracked! :) Here are a couple tips that helped me:
Make a To-Do list. Put daily stuff (like housework) on a different list...this one is for projects. Whenever you get bored, feel like you're accomplishing nothing, look at this list.
Get an expandable file. Label each pocket for a hobby, room in the house, etc. Whenever you find ideas that you like, add to the file, whether it's pages from a magazine, scribbled notes on a scrap of paper, paint samples, whatever. Then, when you're ready for a new project, you've already done some research.