Monday, August 30, 2010

Super Saturday Crafts

Overview of Crafts

Overview of Crafts
Placemat Bag
You buy 1 placemat that will suit you for a bag and 48 in of ribbon or webby for handles
no cost
Paper baskets

Necklace or bracelet
(with contrasting beads) pink, black, white, tan

Kids Temple Board
(pink, purple, blue or green)
Chad Hawkins Picture of Temple 11x13-list of temples with order form

Table Overview
Left: Board with Silver Temple "Where Families become forever"
Temples available: all UT temples, SanDiego, Spokane, & Idaho Falls)
Right: Family Proclamation Board
Tile Necklace (mixed papers or bring your own) - no chain included
Left: Tshirt with flower embellishment
Right: Baked Potato Bag (various material to choose from on SS)
Tshirt with flower embellishment, sizes Child or Adult in small, medium, & Large)
(Colors-red, white, black, pink, purple, green, blue)
You may bring your own tshirt
2short sleeve of 1 long sleeve ( we will cut them up)

Left: Christmas Stocking
Right: O Holy Night Brick & color choices
Christmas Stocking
O Holy Night Brick with or without light
Color options for O Holy Night Craft (sorry not very picture)
Clothespins with buttons (Christmas, child, baby, birthday) (hang cards, banners, etc, or use as a decoration) 7 per kit

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