Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation 2010

We took a vacation this summer and travelled by car through the openness of KS, the mountains of CO to the oh more mountains of UT. When people ask what did family's do before we had DVD players in cars...Josh's answer would be stickers. That kept him busy for most of the drive. Our first stop on our adventure was Salina. Time to eat. We ate at this little diner not one to write home about but we did meet Floyd. This very friendly guy talking to people at the restaurant. He gave Josh (his parents) a couple of dollars for ice cream. He was quite the character. We went and spent it at Braums. Yummy ice cream.

The next Stop was Denver, CO. We had fun just hanging out and relaxing at the hotel. One day we went to the aquarium, a park, and shopping. The next day we went to the children's museum and the park.

Then we moved on to Vail, CO where we just enjoyed the mountain air at a park. Do you see a trend starting. Josh loves outside.

The next day we arrived in UT and made camp at my brother's house where we did numerous and exciting things such as:

  • Hung out at the Guernsey's House
  • Eat breadsticks and Pizza Factory (twice, yummy)
  • Played the Wii every morning (good thing Calvin knows how to turn it on for Josh)
  • I read a book, Jason got hooked on watching Burn Notice and playing plants vs Zombies, and Josh loved the Wii-both Uncle Quentin and Uncle Brandon have one
  • Went to a park
  • Visited GM & GP Draper
  • Visited Uncle Brandon
  • Aunt Heather came & visited us
  • Ate at my favorite Brazilian restaurant Taconos
  • Went to Salt Lake City: Saw the LDS conference center (It has the best waterfall ever if you ask Josh), Listened to a tabernacle organ concert (I was impressed that Josh sat still for 30 minutes and for the most part listened. He did have to tell me when the lights changed color), and Looked at the Salt Lake Temple
  • Entered IKEA for the first time. I wish we had one close by & wish that Josh didn't have a melt down about sharing the elevator with people.


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Jessica G. said...

We loved having you here!
And it's Tucanos...just in case you want to look them up online and join their birthday club. :)