Sunday, October 3, 2010

Josh Funnies

  • If he sees adults out of context. He gives them weird looks and runs away or total ignores them...Example: my friend from church (who Josh has seen at our house several times) is a substitute teacher and she was his sub for gym. The gym teacher also is the crossing guard at the start of the day. She waves and says good morning he turns and runs the other way and I have to talk him into going into the school building. During gym, he just ignored her. Another example we were at the grocery store. He sees one of the paras from his classroom. Gives her a shy smile and runs down the isle in the opposite direction
  • Cooking time in preschool, they brought in an old fashion popcorn cooker. They were trying to get the kids to say what we do 1st, 2nd last. Josh blurts out put it in the microwave. We don't even eat very much microwave popcorn :)

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