Saturday, May 9, 2009

Catching up with Me

Wow it's been a whole month...Here is how everything is going:

Me: Work is settling in to routine twice a month. The middle of the year is always nice for payroll. I have a sudden urge to redecorate, reorganize & rearrange the house. I think it sprung up from garage saling. After looking at everyone elses junk, I want to go through mine. As far as craftiness goes. I'm refocusing on making a magnetic quiet book for Josh. I have 2 pages done. One with farm animals & one with shapes and it kept him happy & busy for most of sacrament meeting. It was so nice so I want to create some more pages. It's nothing spectacular, but Josh likes it. I'm also starting Jazzercise classes that some of the gals from church go to. My body is sore. I'm so out of shape.

Jason: Excited that seminary is almost more day. He is waiting for his professor to review his thesis before he can do revisions & write a 10 page conclusion & then he will be done...fingers crossed, it will be soon.

Josh: Is now 2. He is getting so big. He loves going to the park. Swinging is still his most favorite thing to do, but I have been able to convince him that slides are fun too. Mrs. Nadine comes over once a week on Friday and we have speech/talking class. He has made baby steps since starting. He now sometimes moos at cows, a mouse goes EEE, he can sign more, open, please, & eat real well. On his own he picked up oval from baby einstein shows. I think his "sessions" have been more helpful to me than to him since he is still really shy when Nadine comes. It's so exciting when he picks up something new. You just want to pick him up and hug him and twirl him around. The other day we met a 2 year old at the park with her grandpa and she talked as much as Josh. I know you are not suppose to compare kids, but I felt really good that Josh isn't the only 2 year old that only has a 5 word vocabulary to say.

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