Monday, April 6, 2009

Conference Weekend

I love conference weekend. It always seems to be a nice relaxing weekend where you get to sit around in your PJs, listen to Conference, and enjoy your new birthday gifts. That is what we did Saturday morning. During the 2nd half we ran errands as a family that was fun. That usually doesn't happen. Both my boys needed new clothes. As far as my Bday went it was good despite the gloomy weather. My mom brought me lunch which was a nice treat...I had to work on my Bday & with the roofers parked in my driveway. I couldn't leave the house Wed-Fri last week. Jason's mom stopped by later to wish me a happy Bday and Jason brought home dinner so I didn't have to cook.

Sunday was much like Saturday besides the bird incident. A pretty big black bird decided to get stuck in our dryer vent. Jason turned on the dryer for a few seconds and hit the wall but that didn't scare him out so we had to take apart the washer/dryer hook ups to get him out. Still he wouldn't come so Jason got the vacuum and was able to suck him out momentarily. The bird was definitely scared now and he ended up scaring Jason so the laundry basket and blanket didn't work and the bird ended up flying into our house. He flew around tapping on the windows trying to get out. So we opened the front door and the back door. This provided a nice jet stream through our house. The bird caught wind of it and flew right out the front door. Until we get a cover for the dryer vent our laundry room will stay taken apart. It's pretty scary having a scared bird flap around your house. It's not like he is going to peck your eyes out but he just gets so frantic that its unsettling.

Oh and by the way, we are now a geeky WOW (World of Warcraft computer game) family. We have 2 accounts so we can play with each other online and then Josh likes to sit on Jason's lap and watch. Getting the 2nd account was my Bday gift. I really enjoy it. This weekend I wasted way too much time on that game, but it was fun.


DryerventwizardJames said...
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Jessica G. said...

A bird in the dryer vent! Now that's one we haven't had yet. And do you like WOW? I've never played it.