Thursday, May 14, 2009

Photo Friday - a little early

Josh loves helping with the dishes. It gets kind a wet so that's why he does dishes in just a diaper.

He even helps mop up the extra water he pours on the floor.
Happy Birthday Josh. He wasn't real happy. He did enjoy stabbing his cake with a fork and biting it off. He did better on his real Bday when we were in Salina visiting David. He actually blew out a candle & his cousins helped him with the other.

Josh now eats oreo cookies by opening them up and eating the cream out & leaving the rest of the cookie. Grandma Draper always makes sure he has oreos (one time I had 3 oreo cookie packages in my cupboard...I did not buy any of them)
More Cheese Please...He is so cheesy. He just finished beating up a Royals balloon of a kid in a baseball uniform.
PS as I'm writing this I can here birds below me. We have birds living in every crany of our house. I want to kill birds. I hate them. I need to look into hiring someone to clean out all the nests and put up guards on all of our vents. Again I hate birds.


Jessica G. said...

Can't believe how big he is getting! We need to come out and see you guys before he heads off to college.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh I love his corny smiles!