Saturday, April 5, 2008

Rock Chalk Jayhawk KU!!!

So we beat good old Roy and his boys or in other words we beat North Carolina. It was a good game to watch too! Now we are on to the final match up against Memphis. I watched the game in Lawrence at Erin's house and I made it home safely. KU fans are driving around like lunatics, half drunk, honking horns, and lighting off fireworks. Mass Street is just a hoard of people. (I saw it on the news). Jason is not home yet. I wonder if he will get home before he turns into a pumpkin. After priesthood he went over to Tate's house to watch the 2nd half and now they are watching the 1st half. Maybe it's a guy thing. If I watch the 2nd half & knew the outcome, I wouldn't go back and watch the 1st half. The excitement just wouldn't be there. I figure I would let Jason stay out late and have some fun since he had to watch Andrew & Josh today. I was suppose to watch Andrew, but I had to go into work & work. I worked 40 hours from Tue-Sat. and I feel more behind then ever. Can I just say close the freaking period. I can't do my job very well and not stress out about it until we do. I hate waiting last minute to do everything. I keep missing things and having to go back and fix them. I broke down and shut my door and cried at work on Friday because I was very hormonal and stressed out. Then I scooped myself off the pitty party and went back to work. I kept looking at Josh's picture on my computer and told him I was coming home. Stay at home mom is probably coming a lot faster then I was calculating originally. If we hadn't lost my old boss I would probably continue to work until child number 2, but I don't think it is worth it anymore because I don't enjoy it anymore. so I got off on a not so happy tangent...After work I went out to eat with Erin & Liz. It was fun but the service was slow. We ate at IHOP. How hard is it to cook a pancake. Anyway that's the low down on my Saturday.

In other news, we had real strong winds on Monday. Strong enough for us to watch the sides of the top floor of the house across the street collapse. (they were in the process of building it). Later that night Jason was like we forgot to put the trash out. I just laughed. It would have blown away if we had. We lost a handful of shingles. I have called the roofing guys, but they haven't come out yet. I also called the gutter guys to fix 2 gutters (too long...the final grading & sod are covering them) and they haven't come yet. They better come this week or else I'm calling the builder. On an up note I am getting couches on Monday! Yea! Only a month & half later. They will be here just in time for the Jayhawks to play Memphis.

And for all of you who are wondering what I did for my Bday. I went to work. Yea! Jason & I did go out for steak for dinner and Liz watched the boy for us so I wouldn't have to juggle enjoying myself and making him happey. I did make my traditional cake (yellow cake, chocolate frosting & the round sprinkles, yum!) We have been eating it all week.


Kate said...

Happy belated birthday!!!!

And it sounds like you have had a lot on your plate!!! Hang in there and if there is anything we can do for you (we would love to watch Josh!!!!) let us know!!!!

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!!!!

Jessica G. said...

Would you disown me if I told you I skipped over all the basketball talk? :)

Glad you had a nice birthday and give Josh hugs from his cousins!