Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter 2008

Easter this year was nice. We were able to bring John with us to church (he was auditing our ward). It was fun to talk with him on our 30 min drive to/from church. Then I spent most of sacrament meeting and Sunday school out in the hall with Josh. Then I went to YW for the last section of meetings. Yep I am now the YW secretary. I didn't last long without a calling. After church I got ready for dinner. For Easter this year, I decided to have both Jason & my family over for dinner in our new home. We made it a potluck. I provided the ham, deviled eggs, the house, and the homemade ice cream ingredients. John & Liz brought the potatoes. Gangi & Papa brought corn. Erin (our friend from Lawrence) brought green beans. On a side note I actually can stomach a little bit of these green beans...yes Quentin I ate green beans. Mom & Dad brought fruit & Dad helped make the ice cream. Finally the Drapers & Chris (their friend from Cincinnati who now lives in UT who is stationed at ?Ft Riley? for training before he is shipped out) provided homemade bread & some cake. It was a very yummy occasion, but not one I will do again in the near future....12 adults + 2 kids is a lot of work to prepare for, set up, and clean up afterwards. Thanks to mom who helped. It was nice to spend Easter with family though. This was Joshua's first Easter. We didn't do any egg hunts, but we each got a gift in our basket. Jason got a HD/digital satellite bunny ears. Picture is great! I don't even miss cable. I got a new diaper bag. Josh got a sing a long CD. Josh also got spoiled by the grandparents. GM G got him a book about Easter. Josh thinks it tastes delicious. GM D got him a big bunny and some of his favorite snacks. He is such a Cheetos monster. Gangi got him a Tonka truck.


Jessica G. said...

Dinner sounds delicious! Potluck is totally the way to go when feeding that big of a crowd.
And I will tell Q about the green beans...he'll be so proud! :)

Jessica G. said...

Hope you had a great birthday!!