Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ding Dong the Binki's Gone & TP Go Down the Hole

So last weekend we went to GM & GP Drapers house to get our taxes done. Josh ended up getting cranky and needing a nap. GM got all bent out of shape because he was unhappy at her house. Heaven forbid he is unhappy at GM house. We didn't bring a binki to comfort him and GM wouldn't have that so she went to the store & bought him a gerber nuk...she didn't realize that she bought him the rubber one that was brownish color rather than the silicon? one that is clear so he wouldn't take it. I about died laughing. Anyway after this incident, Jason & I decided that Josh is too old and shouldn't be relying on a binki so they have mysteriously disappeared. Josh every now and then points to the drawer where they used to stay during non-sleep times and we both look at the empty drawer. So sad. He is doing just fine without it.

So on to my next story. Last week Josh had his first toilet experience....this is how it was.

Just about 2 rolls of TP. He found an extra one under the cabinet. You can see it there on the floor.

Yesterday he had another experience which I didn't photograph. I was fuming mad. This time it was in the master bathroom & he flushed...probably several times. There was water all the way to the sinks. Tell me why again do they put carpet in bathrooms. I guess I should learn my lesson of double checking to make sure all bathroom doors are closed. Maybe he is just messing with my head and he can open doors. Just not when I'm around.


Becca said...

Good for you getting rid of the Binky. When we still had one, it was always stressful if we forgot or lost one at church or the store or whatever. I have been surprised how many of the older nursery (2+) kids still use them in our ward. Even though Alice's way of turning it into a toy at 6 months was obnoxious for naps, its less stress this way.

Jessica G. said...

Bye bye, binki! Life gets so much easier without having to keep track of those things or face the wrath of a tired, grumpy kid.