Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Discovery of TP

So I usually close the bathroom door and let Josh crawl around upstairs. Opps forgot to close it. Next thing I see is Josh crawling down the hall with lots of toilet paper trailing off his hand. It was quite funny. As far as food goes, Josh's favorite meat- hot dogs, favorite fruit - dried apples, favorite snack - gold fishies or animal crackers, favorite vege - I'm working on this one...I've run into the age old question of how do you get your kids to eat french fries count as a vegetable? He also loves pizza, cottage cheese, string cheese, apple sauce and grilled cheese sandwiches. As far as special snacks go, he like chocolate milk shakes, ice cream, and brownies. These snacks he will scream at you if his bites are not given in a timely manner. He is not very patient at times. Well I have stuff I need to do before nap time ends.

PS I finished another book...The Amber Spyglass by Philip Pullman. Finally finished the series. This book was long and lost my interest at times. I didn't like the way it ended. I guess the final religious point the book made was good so I will share that. We need to concentrate on what we do in this life in the here & now to build up the kingdom of heaven in our own lives. Yea I've now read 4 books. Next book I want to read is's the next Harry Potter. Everyone is crazy about that book it seems. Sad thing is there is a waiting list at the library...I'm 14th in line for the CD and 200 and some for the book. That can't be right but that is what my hold says.


Michelle said...

Well, Layni was a plumber in another life because I can't keep that kid out of the toilet! And Nora doesn't always remember to flush. Yeah, it's gross. As for veggies, I put cheese on Nora's veggies and that helps her eat them. Sometimes she just picks the cheese off, but most times she'll actually eat what's under it. Layni is just a little hoover and inhales whatever is in front of her. Try the cheese thing, see what he does.

Jessica G. said...

Just make sure he doesn't learn how to flush things down... :)

Veggies are hard. Corn on the cob is the big favorite around here because I let the kids have their own skewer-handle-thingies to eat with. I find that the kids eat the veggies from our garden a lot better than the ones from the store. Probably helps that they planted and harvested them.

And I just finished Book 4 in the Twilight Saga! :)