Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Geared Up To Rearrange

So I am done working for the month! I was getting geared up for cleaning the 2 offices so that Jason can start moving desks around so that I can reorganize my house I'm so excited. I'm even going to paint, but I have hit a snag today. I am just too tired. I think I may take a nap with Josh today. Oh well there is always tommorrow. I figured I needed to get on the computer while Jason was at work. He never lets me use the new MacBook Pro. He is always on it. Our laptop died so we bought another one, but he crossed over to the dark side and decided to get a Mac & not a PC. For all the "discussions" I have had to sit through Jason saying how PCs are so great, I thought it was funny that we have now bought a mac. I think Itunes & Iphone helped in his conversion. I do like the programs for pictures & video clips that come with it though. I'm still getting used to the setup. Anyway life is good & I'm looking forward to reorganizing my house.

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Heather said...

Are you ready to paint....if I'm still here give me a call! We can paint while listening to the CD I'm making you :)